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Add to the elegance of your patio or garden design with STONEarch natural stone steps that come in many colours and are beautifully rock faced to make your outdoor landscape breathtaking and impactful. steps can be used for your patio or front entry steps, garden steps, garden walls, retaining walls, planter walls and more.
Steps are rock-faced on 3 sides, with a sawn back.


STONEarch Alicante Black
Alicante Black granite has shades of gray & white with striations of black running across the surface giving it a velvety tiger skin look.

STONEarch Beige
Beige sandstone has a natural cleft providing great traction. The neutral colour offers a very subtle back-drop for plants, flowers, swimming pools and bright patio furniture.

STONEarch Black
Black limestone is a very clean, dark stone that has nearly no cleft and is smooth in surface. This stone is recommended to be sealed to protect it from fading against UV.

STONEarch Carbon
Carbon is a basalt stone that is flamed to provide a non-skid surface making it a great choice for residential and commercial projects. Basalt is a medium dark gray stone with lighter gray flecks.

STONEarch Crema Nova
Crema Nova is limestone with neutral and the modern tone of cream & beige, and the sand-blasted finish allows for a non-slip surface.

STONEarch Dove
Dove is a durable sandstone that has a natural cleft along the surface allowing for great traction. It's a particularly popular stone for front entrances and patio walkways.

STONEarch Flint
Flint is a popular sandstone that has a range of light brown to mid-gray hues with some colour variation. It's subtle colour range works well with different shades of bricks and a variety of concrete pavers.

STONEarch Gray Granite
Gray granite has a flamed finish making it slip-resistant and suitable for patios and pool decks. It's a particularly popular choice by landscape architects for both residential and commercial projects due to the consistent, gray colour.

STONEarch Indus Gray
Indus Gray is limestone with neutral and the modern tone of light gray tone, and the sand-blasted finish allows for a non-slip surface.

STONEarch New Ebony
Ebony black granite is a very dark stone that is mostly black in colour with some slight tones of gray. It has a flamed finish making a perfect choice for residential & commercial projects.

STONEarch Saga
Saga is a heavy duty sandstone with a lot of colour variation and range from medium to dark shades of gray and brown. It's a great choice for cottages due to the rustic nature and clefted surface of the stone.

STONEarch Silver Antique
Silver Antique is limestone with shades of medium to dark tones of grey and beige. The unique shade of this stone is achieved by an antique treatment to the surface.

STONEarch Silver Valley
Silver Valley limestone receives its name from the valleys of blueish gray hues along with peaks of white and light gray. This beautiful stone is flamed on the surface and can create an exquiste walkway or stone step entrance.

STONEarch Slate Gray
Slate Gray has color tones of light to medium shades of gray with a slight hint of beige. The color of this stone is very trendy and it is complementary to armor rocks.

STONEarch Slate Gray Sandblasted
Slate Gray Sandblasted is a special finish on the original STONEarch Slate Gray natural stone. This finish gives the stone really clean, light gray, beige & brown tones, with a slight lightly textured veining pattern throughout.

STONEarch Spring
Spring granite has a swirling, marbled pattern in hues of black and beige, showcasing the true natural beauty of an exotic granite. The design makes it a popular choice for rustic cottages and pool areas.