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Part Number: H1090
PRICE: $32.99/ EA

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For concrete pavers & natural stones
polybind Efflorescence Cleaner will remove any efflorescence stains trapped in the concrete pavers & natural stone pores. It will make the pavers look more clean and vibrant. polybind Efflorescence Cleaner is a necessary step before a sealer is applied. The sealer will be able to penetrate deeper into the now clean pores.


Removes efflorescence from the surface of concrete pavers and natural stones.
No Hydrochloric acid in product. .
Washes off with water.


Available in a 1 gal. and 5 gal. container.

Please note:
1. Polybind EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER should be used prior to applying a sealer to ensure a proper sealer adhesion.
2. Freshly installed Polybind Polymeric Sand must be allowed to cure for 48 hours at above 59F (15C) and no rain before using Polybind Efflorescence Cleaner.
3. Do not let product dry up on paver surface. Keep paver surface wet from start to finish.
4. Wear goggles and rubber gloves.
5. Never use on new concrete pavers. Wait at least 60 days after new pavers are installed before using this product.
6. ALWAYS TEST the product on a small hidden area of approximately 4 sq ft (0.4 sq m) to ensure the results will meet your expectations. Do not apply under extremely strong sun.
7. Dilute 1 part Polybind EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER in 4 parts water, concentrated liquid, any concentration greater than this can discolor the pavers.

Installation Instructions:
1. Wet paver surface with water.
2. Dip a hard bristle brush in a pail containing the diluted product or use a pump sprayer to apply on the paver surface and scrub. 1 U.S. gal. (3.78 L.) of diluted product is to be used for every 40 sq ft (3.7 sq m) of paver surface.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water and move on to the next section of 40 sq ft (3.7 sq m).
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 over all the sections in question.
5. Once the surface is clean, use water hose and generously rinse off Polybind EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER until there is no more foaming action on the pavers.

Ideal Concentration:
4 parts water 1 part product. Always test the dilution on a small area before applying.


You might have to redo it again if there is a lot of efflorescence trapped in the pavers.
* Pavers should only be sealed 60 days after the installation date.
* Please store container at above 32F (0C).