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Part Number: Y6067
MSRP: $149.99 PRICE: $119.99/ EA
PRICE: $119.99/ EA

This compost is locally sourced, aged, and screened. It adds vital micronutrients that plants require for growth, and organic matter that improves soil structure and drainage. A yearly application of compost will make lawns, shrubs, trees, and especially flower and vegetable gardens flourish. Compost is intended as a soil supplement, not as a soil replacement. It can be worked into the soil in the spring or used as mulch in the fall.

For Gardens: If adding in spring, till into the soil about 4-6" down, or mix in while planting. If adding in the fall, simply add to the surface.

Lawn Dressing: Compost is an excellent additive for lawns, especially when applied following aeration in the spring or fall. Using a broad shovel, cast a thin (3/8") layer of compost over the lawn.

BURNCO Baby BigBags hold half cubic yard of product.

*Price includes product, delivery and the bag. BURNCO will deliver and place where access is available. Please mark the location where you want the BURNCO BigBags placed on the property.

*Prices listed are within city limits and subject to change without notice.
Please call our order desk for out of town delivery pricing.

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